Sustainable Nantucket

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Sustainable Nantucket is a grassroots organization that is growing a healthy island community by building a more locally-based and self-reliant food system, and a stronger local economy. We raise awareness about local food, connect consumers to local food sources, advocate for greater local production, and work with our growers and food producers to develop creative methods to access resources and expand markets.

Sustainable Nantucket’s Community Farm Institute (CFI) is a farm incubator program built on 2-acres of land, the Walter F. Ballinger Educational Community Farm. Through this program, community members are launching new small farm businesses. Access to shared resources, including land, infrastructure and tools, allows beginning farmers to overcome the high startup costs of farming. Beginning farmers benefit from the on-site support of experienced mentor farmers, as well as educational workshops coordinated by Sustainable Nantucket. Produce is grown using only organic and sustainable agricultural methods, increasing the supply of healthy, local food available to our island community.

Adopt-an-Apprentice funding provided by The Donald A. Burns Foundation, Inc. covers the cost of hiring, training and overseeing a farm apprentice. This provides valuable support for our CFI beginning farmers during the busy growing season, and creates an additional opportunity for interested individuals to gain experience before they are ready to launch a farm business on their own.